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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Saskatchewan Employment Supplement (SES) is extra money for lower-income families with children. It is a monthly payment that adds to income from a job, farming, self-employment, or from child or spousal support.

Eligibility is limited to families:

  • with children under age of 18;
  • who receive more than $125 each month from employment income, farming, self-employment or from child or spousal support.

The amount of the supplement is based on:

  • the number of children under the age of 18 in your family;
  • the age of your children;
  • the amount of your household income.

SES is unique in that as your monthly income increases from $125 to $1,125 the amount of your supplement will also increase. 

For more information or to complete a SES pre-assessment please call the Saskatchewan Income Supplement Client Service Centre at 1-888-488-6385 (toll free) or 787-4723 in Regina.

The fax number for both the Saskatchewan Employment Supplement and Saskatchewan Rental Housing Supplement (in Regina) is 798-2058. The TTY numbers are: 787-1090 and 1-800-683-9052. The mailing address is: Box 2405 Stn. Main, Regina SK  S4P 4L7.

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