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Friday, March 27, 2015
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Programs and Services for People with Disabilities

Saskatchewan has an array of programs and services to assist people with disabilities to be independent, active and supported citizens of our province. Below are frequently asked questions linking to this information.

The list below covers only some of the services available. If you have further questions about these or other programs and services for people with disabilities, please call the Office of Disability Issues toll-free at 1-877-915-7468.

Who do I call if I need additional income?

  • The Saskatchewan Assistance Program (SAP) is a program of last resort for families and individuals who, for various reasons, including disability, illness, low income or unemployment, cannot meet basic living costs. For more information, call 1-866-221-5200, TTY 1-866-995-0099, or visit http://www.socialservices.gov.sk.ca/sap
  • The Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) program provides an income (separate from SAP) for persons with significant and long-term disabilities. SAID was designed in collaboration with members of the disability community. For more information, call 1-888-567-SAID (7243), TTY 1-866-995-0099, or visit http://www.socialservices.gov.sk.ca/SAID
  • The Disability Rental Housing Supplement (DRHS) is open to families, single individuals and couples and is designed to assist with the additional costs of disability and rental housing. The supplement is conditional upon one family member having a disability that produces a recognized housing impact. Supports that address the housing impact of the disability must be in place at the time of application. For more information, call 1-888-488-6385 or visit http://www.socialservices.gov.sk.ca/srhs
  • The Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic (DCAC) provides case-management services and advocacy to people when appealing the denial of a CPP disability benefit. For more information, call 1-877-793-3222 or visit http://www.dcac.ca/default.aspx


I am on disability through the Canada Pension Plan (federal government). Do I qualify for anything through the Government of Saskatchewan?

You may be eligible for additional financial assistance from the Saskatchewan Assistance Program (SAP). For more information, call 1-866-221-5200, TTY 1-866-995-0099, or visit http://www.socialservices.gov.sk.ca/sap 


I have to be off work for a while. Does the Government of Saskatchewan have a short- or long-term disability program that I can apply to?

No. However, you may be eligible for the Government of Canada's Employment Insurance sickness benefits. Please visit: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/sc/ei/benefits/sickness.shtml


Where can I get a parking pass for people with disabilities?

The Parking Program for People with Disabilities is offered by the Saskatchewan Abilities Council and allows people with disabilities to park in designated spots. For more information, or to apply for a parking pass, call the nearest branch of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council:

Prince Albert
Swift Current


Email: parkingprogram@abilitiescouncil.sk.ca

Or visit:



Are there programs to make my home more accessible?

  • The Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) for Persons with Disabilities provides financial assistance to low-income households to complete modifications required to accommodate the needs of a household member with a disability. Maximum forgivable loans of $16,000 in southern Saskatchewan and $19,000 in northern Saskatchewan are available. Contact the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation toll-free at 1-800-667-7567 or visit http://www.socialservices.gov.sk.ca/H08-FS.pdf


Are there programs to assist businesses with accessibility?


Where can I get employment help as a person with a disability?

  • The Workforce Development for Persons with Disabilities (WFD-PD) program (formerly known as Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities-EAPD) assists adults with disabilities to prepare for, secure and maintain employment. Support includes: on-the-job training; vocational, work, and psycho-educational assessments; job coaching; support for employers; and disability-related funding for various post-secondary education and training programs. For more information, visit http://www.aeei.gov.sk.ca/wfd-pd.
  • The Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration also contracts a number of disability-related community-based organizations to deliver specialized employment programs and services. For more information, contact one of the local Canada-Saskatchewan Career and Employment Services Offices at http://www.aeei.gov.sk.ca/ces-offices.


Where can I get disability supports?

The Ministry of Health provides a range of programs and services to assist people with disabilities:

  • The Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) program assists people in leading more independent and active lifestyles. SAIL consists of 13 different programs, including the Special Needs Equipment Program, Home Respiratory Services, Paraplegia Program, Cystic Fibrosis Program, End Stage Renal Disease Program, Ostomy Program and Aids to the Blind Program. For more information, call 306-787-7121 or visit http://www.health.gov.sk.ca/aids-independent-living.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders. Services, information and resources related to autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger's syndrome, are available by visiting http://www.health.gov.sk.ca/autism.

Community Care Branch
1st Floor-3475 Albert St.
Regina, SK S4S 6X6
Phone: 306-787-7239


Where can I get things like walkers, wheelchairs and bathtub railings? Are they free?

  • The Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) Program assists people who qualify to lead more independent, active lifestyles. SAIL consists of 13 different programs, including the Special Needs Equipment Program, Home Respiratory Services, Paraplegia Program, Cystic Fibrosis Program, End Stage Renal Disease Program, Ostomy Program and Aids to the Blind Program. For more information, call 306-787-7121 or visit http://www.health.gov.sk.ca/aids-independent-living.


You can also purchase various disability supports, such as wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, bathtub lifts, grab bars, canes, wheelchair cushions, and more, at a number of private Saskatchewan businesses. The companies listed below are not endorsed by the Office of Disability Issues or the Government of Saskatchewan. The list is provided as information only. Consult your local yellow pages for additional companies in your area.

Medichair Saskatoon
616 Duchess St
Saskatoon, SK.
306-242-2804 or 1-888-327-6495

Golden Mobility
2202 Hanselman Ave.
Saskatoon, SK
306-242-9060 or 1-877-825-7542

Maximum Mobility Products
2214 Ave C N
Saskatoon, SK

Nu-Mobility Inc.
Saskatoon, SK

Medichair Moose Jaw
1240 - 9th Ave. NW
Moose Jaw, SK
306-693-1878 or 1-866-693-1878

Medichair Yorkton
85 Broadway Ave. E.
Yorkton, SK
306-782-5545 or 1-800-667-5545

MediChair Regina
3033 Saskatchewan Dr.
Regina, SK
306-584-8456 or 1-800-667-2273

Independent Living
3870 Eastgate Dr.
Regina, SK
306-352-2579 or 1-800-667-6003

Automobility Medical
1444 Lorne St.
Regina, SK

Liberty Lifestyles
2419 Park St.
Regina, SK

Skycan International
1201 Osler St.
Regina, SK S4R 1W4



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Various Saskatchewan CBOs provide an array of programs, specialized, advocacy, self-help, and educational services, and peer support for people with disabilities.

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